Easy 1up Review

Welcome to my Easy 1 Up Review – On this page, you will see the exact reason as to why I’ve decided that this just isn’t for me.

So, over the past few days I’ve literally been bombarded by people trying to get me to join them in Easy 1Up – either via social media or email.

As you’re doing right now, I decided to do my research into Easy 1 Up before I joined.

All that I could gather from the promotions and sales video was that there are no monthly fees and you have the ability to earn 100% commissions.

What’s not to like?

So, I decided to join.

The last thing that’s mentioned on the sales video is that they’ve got the “Digital Education Products & Marketing Resources”.

My question is where?

Once you’ve sent your payment – the members area unlocks to whatever level you joined at.

Even so, it’s completely bare.

Anyway, I decided to look closer at what “training” is being offered:-

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 19.20.01

Hmmmm, this looks like cheap PLR content. Basically, there are just a bunch of presentation style videos talking about a specific subject.

Personally, I don’t think what you get is worth the cost, even at the $25 level. If you wanted this type of material, you could easily purchase it cheaper from one of the many PLR websites (not that you’d want too).

As for the marketing resources, you basically get pitched a capture page system to promote Easy 1up at the cost of 19.95 per month – surely that should be included with your purchase?

They also offer “post cards” and a few other things, all of which are affiliate offers.

Easy 1Up – Who it’s for (..and who it’s not for).

I could easily promote this and make a good amount of money.

But what’s the point?

As far as I can see, there is no product, at all.

People are joining and promoting this for the compensation plan alone (I’ll cover this below).

So, in other words – no real product and member-to-member payments…hmm you know what that sounds like? 😉

If you’re a complete beginner, unless you join a pro-active sponsor -or- join a team which has some sort of “done for you rotator” I can’t see you making any money with this system. By time you figure out how to promote, the opportunity will have passed. The product you get is supposed to be training, but that training will not help you promote your Easy 1 Up system effectively.

Easy 1up Compensation Plan

You make 100% commissions across four different “products” minus the admin fee (not commissionable).

There are four products which are:-

  1. Elevation – $25
  2. Elevation Elite – $100
  3. Vertex –  $250
  4. Vertex Elite – $500

You keep your first sale,  pass-up your second sale, then keep every sale after that, forever.

Easy 1 Up – Conclusion

I can easily say that Easy 1 Up is not for me – that doesn’t mean that it’s not for you!

I’m not going to sit here and bash this or any system/product. A review is essentially an opinion, and in my opinion, there is no product (or lack of) and that it’s too similar to “cash gifting” for my liking.

Should you choose to join, I wish you all the best. But something to keep in mind is that I can’t see this lasting. In a months time, people will have moved on a completely forgotten about this (at least that’s what I think).

Please share your experiences below in the comment section.

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